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Welcome to Bara Andulia PTTI

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Welcome To College

After a long period of waiting, atlast we reach our goal by establishing our Institute “Bara Andulia Primary Teachers Training Institute”. This Institute symbolize our great expectation through the students. Our dreams come true in the year 2013. We try our level best to get the affiliation from N.C.T.E. and serving all the terms and conditions we get the permission to fulfill our dream. Teacher Education is the most important and also very essential education for our society. It bridges between the society and common people. A good teacher can fulfill the needs of the society, needs of the nation through the proper education of the children, the future leadership of our nation. Proper and scientific and also psychology based teacher education can built good quality teacher who can nourishes the children for the adaptation of the changing society. Our Institute is liable to the society to provide good numbers of teacher, the mechanics of modern generation. It is our bounden duty to hold aloft the fame of our society.

But recently many events are occurring in many schools and colleges which are detrimental to the teacher taught relation. The teacher can not hide their involvement in those matters. So, our aim is that to make good teacher with golden heart by furnishing their capabilities. our objective is to make effective teacher who can plays the role of friend, philosopher and guide for the students, because a boy who has no idealism and love of education cannot be a good teacher. Our institution is offering all the opportunities and necessities such as library, laboratory, lecture hall, good number of teaching and non teaching staff, proper sitting arrangement, computer rooms and so on , to develop all teaching learning skills which are essential for the profession, because in our complex society the word ‘profession’ has a very elastic definition to suit the different people.

Now a days teaching is not only a profession but also a holy mission. Our institution is hearty engaged in that mission. Through the every level of our academic career we got theoretical knowledge, but in Teacher Education programme, we all are introduced with the techniques of effective teaching. We can understand the needs of the students, the mental abilities, the interests and also the hidden prospective of the students, which help us to improve our education system. We the members of Bara Andulia Primary Teachers Training Institute heartly invite all the interested students and also the teachers (who have not gone through the Ptti curriculum yet) to develop and furnishes their teaching ability for their professional benefits and also for the improvement of the society.